Schramme Industries is a production company, active in the metalworking, specialized in machining of cast iron parts.

Nothing special do you think?

Of course, except for the fact that we have reduced our set-up time to ZERO.

This has an unprecedented effect on your material flow and leads you to robust stability coupled with virtually infinite flexibility.

The incoming "block waves" of raw material series are completely fragmented to single piece level and all products go, linear, mixed, and carefree, through an automated production line that is set up and continuously available for the simultaneously finishing of all products. We call this our "One-Piece-Flow-Machining" and it guarantees you stability in production flow and quality.


At Schramme INDUSTRIES neither the series size, nor the purchase volume, nor the purchase frequency has any influence on your price. Believe me, your planning worries are reduced to zero and special interventions such as splitting series, special set-ups, extra transport, intermediate inventory, loss of quality due to set-up pieces, … etc...are completely out of the question.

We are fully convinced that a slightly higher investment in the start-up at Schramme Industries, coupled with a hyper-stable unit price, that is not subject to economic fluctuations, results in a cheaper end price over your total purchasing period, your "Total Cost of Purchasing".

ISO 9001:2015

Yes, of course, we're certified as an ISO 9001:2015 company.

But this certification is only a part of the internal managements systems.

  • FMEA  -  PPAP  -  APQP
  • "In process" checkpoints & traceability marking
  • "Best fit" positioning for initial pick-up
  • ....

are all common part of the deal.

ISO 9001 2015 Certificate


Schramme INDUSTRIES is not just any performer. After more than 60 years of activity in the high-end supply sector, we can boast quite a lot of experience and added value to our customers' engineering services.

What many people describe with expensive words as co-engineering is, for us, a normal part of the daily activities.


Our Fastems FMS line, with 234 pallets and a machining capacity up-to 19 centers, includes a semi-integrated CMM measuring machine and gives you the assurance to receive perfect quality and the right part on the right time.

This fiercely driven factory automation leads us to “one-piece-flow” production, giving your supply chain a nearly endless flexibility.

Capacity is no issue. The whole set-up, from building construction & open space to stockvolume and machining area has been designed to manage 19 machining units. We didn't reach the half of it yet.

So don't worry, we click on your demand and follow the market as it goes.


Schramme INDUSTRIES feels confident at any place in the supply chain. We're small and family owned, we're highly automated and have a professional attitude.


  • Selling to International OEM groups ? : 40 years experience
  • Export outside Europe ?                          : No problem
  • Worldwide import ?                                 : Been there, done that.
  • Tier 1 ?                                                         : We love it
  • Tier 2 ?                                                        : Please contact, we're looking forward to serve                                                                               your supply chain towards your OEM