1960, an enthousiast hobby metalworker / blacksmith turns into an entrepreneur.

Together with Inèz Meersseman (1937-2021), Jean Schramme (1932-2003) founds J. SCHRAMME sprl and lays the foundations of a successful story in the metalworking business.

Concentrated on gear production, no challenge was too high.

During the 70's, the focus switched to general subcontracting.

In the early 80's, the second generation arrived and Philippe Schramme joined the family business.

In mean time, the first contacts with worldwide OEM business took place and

in 1985 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the company.

1989, Guy Schramme joined the business too and together they consolidated their position on the market by achieving the Caterpillar Certification for Machined and Assembled parts in 1994.

During the next 15 years, the company became an international high end supply chain partner for the worldwide OEM industry.

But, in mean time, the continuously marketchanges such as, smaller batch-sizes, higher demand on flexibility and less inventory, called for a thorough repositioning and the idea of a highly automated/flexible milling line took shape.

In 2005, "SCHRAMME INDUSTRIES" was born and the original  J.SCHRAMME sprl changed into "SCHRAMME TOELEVERING".

Philippe occupied the commercial &  financial activities of both sites, and lead on the COO of TOELEVERING.

Guy occupied the technical management, quality systems, investments and headed the COO of INDUSTRIES.

The next 10 years, SCHRAMME TOELEVERING focused on circular products, turned & balanced parts, gears, splines & assembly capacity.

In mean time, SCHRAMME INDUSTRIES focused on cast iron milling parts to be machined on a FASTEMS FMS line

In 2010, the "Schramme group" celebrated his 50th anniversary into the metalworking business and both sites were sealed for further growth.

After another 10 successful years, Philippe Schramme retired from active business & Schramme TOELEVERING stopped the activities.

Guy Schramme has taken over the INDUSTRIES site, and is now leading the company towards new opportunities.